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I haven't heard much about Lifan, are they a reputable company?

Yes they are! They are the largest manufacturer and exporter of motorcycle engines in the world. They make engines for other well-known brands. They are the largest exporter of motorcycles in China, exporting to 105 countries.They produce around 260 different models of bike, scooter and quad. They also manufacture Trucks, Buses and cars! So Lifan is a brand name with a strong future both here in Thailand and around the world.

A lot of manufacturing is done in China. How many motorcycles does China produce?

In 2005 China produced a staggering 17.7 million motorcycles. Unbeknown to many people, this was over 50% of the world's total production of motorcycles.

In the past, quality has sometimes been an issue for some Chinese made products. Are Lifan motorcycles well engineered and reliable?

Absolutely! As an example of the fine quality Lifan produce: All road going motorcycles imported into Thailand have full EEC certification. In Thailand, only 5 parts of road going legal motorcycles must meet an internationally recognised standard, like tyres, wheels, brakes, indicators and reflectors. Well, the entire road going motorcycles which Lifan Motorcycles NZ import, meet or exceeds European standards, which means the whole bike has EEC compliance, not just the 5 necessary parts. So the build quality is obviously very high.

What about parts and service?

Lifan Manufacture (Thailand) Co., Ltd. imports a full range of spares and backs their product 100%. Servicing can be done ideally by your local Lifan Dealer, or by any proper motorcycle shop or service centre.

What about warranties?

All Lifan motorcycles, scooters and quads come with a full 12-month peace of mind warranty. This includes a guarantee on parts and labour costs*. *Conditions apply; see the warranty page for more details.

How do Lifan keep their prices so competitive?

Lifan Manufacture (Thailand) Co., Ltd. can and will focus on keeping the bike prices low for two main reasons:
1. The massive volume produced in China means production cost per unit is considerable reduced. (Remember Lifan produce over 260 different models to 105 countries.)
2. Brand awareness of Lifan in Thailand is still in its early stages. Low prices encourage easy purchase and increase word of mouth advertising. Others trade on their established names using cleverly manufactured marketing. e.g.: Some scooter companies will charge their customers $10,000 upwards! For a scooter?? Lifan Motorcycles are priced for real thinking people who don't want to pay 1000's of dollars extra for a brand name!
So, we say, "Get a life, Get a Lifan!" But get one quick, and become a leader in the inevitable revolution!


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