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Lifan Auto: 80% increase over first quarter 2011

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Recently, Lifan Auto revealed in the first quarter slowdown in the domestic automobile market, under the premise Lifan achieved a gratifying increase of 80.1%.According to authoritative statistics released show that the domestic car market in the first quarter sales growth was 9.1%.

 In particular, two or three months after the Spring Festival by Festival "off-season automobile market", the domestic automobile sales increase of just 2.57% and 5.36%. In the overall auto market, "slam the brakes" at the same time, Lifan cars in February and March still achieved 61.19% and the phenomenal growth of 74.4%.

From the data point of view, with the Lifan 320 Lifan 620 has once again become the main force of this round of growth.
Jan till Mar, the Lifan 320 increase the level remained stable at 80%, which is 100.07 percent in March even to double the phenomenal growth of data. Since its listing has been sold as the main vehicle market, Lifan 620 models, a quarterly growth rate also remained at 50%.


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