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Chairman of Lifan Holding Co.,ltd. Mr.Yin MingshanJust like a person,an enterprise shall always display a kind of spirit.Therefore,we constantly remind all of our staff to remember the following ideas which were abstracted from our experience:

  • Pure gold fears no fire. 
  • It is careful to be of high quality,it is half-hearted that quality is poor. 
  • If one does not work hard,he is not Lifan people;If unhappy and wellrewarded,who wants to be Lifan people? 
  • If Lifan wants to be success and does not lie in the fund,but lir in credit.Without improvement in variety and quality,we will be deprived of all income and wealth. 
  • If you do not work hard today,you will seek for job very hard tomorrow. 
  • The boss is honest and kind,the managers are competent,the staff are Professional.Lifan operates legitimately. 
  • Lifan’s deadly enemy is itself if Lifan disappoints itself. 
  • No Famous Brand ,our motorcycles are just like a pile of scrap iron. 
  • HONDA and YAMAHA run around,what should LIFAN people do?  
  • There are 3 ways to gain profits;
  • To monopolize we have no seat;
  • To speculate is out of beat;
  • To stick on R&D,we shall have our meat. 
  • Three treasures of lifan:Innovation,Exportation,Reputation. 
  • Career in lifan,Insurance for one.

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