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Lifan Group CEO Yin Mingshan

Dialogue with Lifan Group CEO Yin Mingshan

Yin Mingshan, 73 years old, chairman & CEO of Lifan Group, a Chongqing-based private company that makes motorbikes and automobiles, accepted an interview from the auto channel of, telling his vehicle-making philosophy and stories.

The Lifan Group was founded in 1992. Similar as BMW, H [ … ]


Lifan SUV X60 launched at Shanghai Auto Show

Lifan  SUV X60 was lauched at China local market after a year of teasing the automotive media with pictures, an auto show launch and various other activities, in fact we incorrectly thought that the SUV was already on the market. It appears not.



รถครอบครัว ARES 110 CC (LF110-26H)

ระยะห่างช่วงล้อ 1250 มม.

ความสูงจากพื้นถึงเบาะ 750 มม

.ความจุถังน้ำมันเชื้อเพลิง 3.4 ลิตร


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